What is A Recovering Accountant?

Hey!  I'm Dan, and I'm a Recovering Accountant.  While I'm now an entrepreneur, Virtual CFO, startup mentor and teacher, I still cant seem to shake my beginnings and training as a Certified Public Accountant.  

From my time at Michigan, I had realized I'm good at accounting, and always seemed to have a knack for understanding the 'language of business'. Whether I was tutoring hundreds of hours of Mangerial and Financial accounting, teaching Accounting 271 (to non-business students) or starting my career at Big-4 accounting, I've always had a knack at understanding the Quantitative Sides of business.

The problem is that I feel like these topics are taught poorly and most entrepreneurs I meet have either NEVER taken a class, or couldn't apply how to make "how many widgets these factories make"  to apply to their businesses. 

These concepts dont have to be hard, and I've designed Startup Economics 101 to be: "Everything I wish entrepreneurs knew before I worked with them" and to be accessible to all.  Recently Ive taught to high schools, PHD engineers, Startup Accelerators and more, and have realized how universal this content is.

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