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We make the key Accounting, Economics and Finance concepts you need to more efficiently understand and run your startup in a smart, modern way. 

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"I was worried about startup operations. I think the fog is lifted and I have a resource to guide me."

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Gain a new perspective

Explore new ways, models and tricks to understand and analyze ANY business.  Our unique approaches make complex concepts easy.

Skills and Processes

Easy to understand skills and processes needed to run your business.  Bookkeeping, reporting, marketing, growth and more.

Tools to Grow

Access modern tools to grow your business.  Learn how to set up a 2020 infrastructure to minimize and control your costs. 

Designed by Entrepreneurs

This curriculum was design by Daniel L Nelson, a 3-time startup founder, but also a 'Recovering Accountant' .

Through his career he has been a big-4 CPA, accounting teacher, director of finance, Virtual CFO, mentor, and tutor, and has realized how bad most accounting and business education is. 

This class is designed to be what he wished his clients knew before they hired him, and what he wished he knew before he started his first company!

No Prerequisites Required

Too many entrepreneurs have NEVER taken a business class in their lives, but are still responsible for understanding and managing the numbers of their business.

These classes are designed to introduce core concepts in easily accessible bites, and have been taught dozens of times to thousands of entrepreneurs around the world

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Startup Economics 101 has been taught to thousands of entrepreneurs at top accelerators, schools and programs.

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